12/14 reading: Jack Feldstein & Rivky Grossman

Also performing at tonightjack-feldstein‘s Oh, Bernice reading: Jack Feldstein & Rivky Grossman

Come see them at the gastropub Alewife NYC in Long Island City. RSVP here.

Jack Feldstein’s playscripts including A House Like Any Other and Three Months with Pook have won prizes in Australia, Britain and the USA. His plays have been staged with many productions in Australia, New York and all over the USA. Originally from Australia, he lives in New York City and develops his plays at Workshop Theater in Midtown where he is an artist member. His philosophy is rivky-at-wedding2“search for an interesting life”. For more information please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Feldstein.

Rivky Grossman’s musical career took off several years ago, with the writing and recording of her first Album-EP, Angel Sings the Blues. Raised in Brooklyn, New York, Rivky’s music combines unique beat structure, a folksy blues style, and the influence of her Hassidic culture upbringing. Rivky’s work has been compared to Jacques Brel, Laura Nyro, Billy Joel, Sara McLachlan, and early Regina Spektor

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