The Oh, Bernice! Holiday Special And Dollar Store Secret Santa (2015)

Holidays are for disappointment.  All underwear and mittens.  You plan, you shop, you dream.  You wake and run downstairs on the big day, cheer aflutter under your itchy ornate sweater, and unwrap your own dashed expectations and emptiness.

This year, get what you really want when you come to the Oh, Bernice! Holiday Special, on Saturday, December 12th, where we’ll be keeping the traditions people actually like alive with another year of reading from books we love, and Dollar Store Secret Santa.

Come on down for (possible) special performances by:

  • Jolie Hale
  • Brian Matthew Kim
  • Ann Podracky
  • John Rice
  • The corpse of Bing Crosby
  • Keith Partridge in a pear tree
  • One of the three Alou Brothers
  • A bucket of tinsel with meatballs

And don’t you forget about Dollar Store Secret Santa! Anyone who brings a wrapped present purchased from a Dollar Store can enter our grab bag giveaway—you have to give one to get one.  (It’s the best worst present you’ll ever get.)

Take your stockings down from the chimney with care (you’ll need to wear them) and head on down to The Astoria Bookshop (31-29 31st Street). And, “you better watch out,” the reading starts at 7PM sharp.

Ditch your “loved ones” and we’ll see you there!

– Bernice

PS – Check in with us on Facebook too!

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