Richard Jeffrey Newman

Richard’s favorite thing about Queens:

Neighborhoods that feel like neighborhoods, the food, the fearlessness and unapologetic embracing of its diversity, a literary community that feels like a community

Come hear him read this Saturday at Bernice Loves Queens!

(This picture makes slightly more sense when you scroll down to read his bio. I’ll wait for you to go ahead and do that.)

When Richard Jeffrey Newman was three years old, the man who owned the Lee’s clothing store around the corner, a close friend of Richard’s grandparents, suggested the young boy would be a good model for Lee’s new line of children’s jeans. So his mother tried to take some pictures. No matter how hard she tried, though, she couldn’t get Richard to stand still long enough for the Lee’s label just above his young butt to be clearly visible, and so his modeling career was over before it even started. Nonetheless, Richard is convinced that writing makes him happier than modeling would have done. His books include The Silence of Men, a volume of his own poetry, and The Teller of Tales: Stories from Ferdowsi’s Shahameh, a translation of part of the Iranian national epic. He curates the First Tuesdays reading series at Terraza Cafe in Jackson Heights, NY, is on the Board of Directors of Newtown Literary Alliance, a new literary non-profit in Queens, and teacher at Nassau Community College, where he is professor of English. For 2105, he was awarded a grant from the Queens Council on the Arts to work on his second book of poetry, Words for What Those Men Have Done. His website is

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