What I Want For Xmas – Jason N. Fischedick

It’s that time of year where, if we’ve been good girls and boys, we get our reward. In order to promote our upcoming Holiday Special Reading (this Saturday, December 13th) we’ll be posting the Bernicians’ holiday wishes. Here’s what Jason N. Fischedick had to say:

Jason N. Fischedick would like an evil stick so he can ruin children’s princess parties (Aphrodite-who?), turn doves to stone midair, and steal cupcakes from everyone who made fun of his last name in grade school or looks at him funny.

The only thing that can stop him is Hoyt Jacobs, armed with a good stick–ie, a lightsaber–they will duel to the death in the middle of the bookstore, tearing apart bookshelves, breaking tables in half, stopping at nothing (except a spot of tea and small luncheon provided for them by Oh, Bernice!) until one of them emerges victorious.

If that’s the sort of thing on your holiday wishlist, come on down to our reading this Saturday:


And be sure to bring a wrapped gift for Dollar Store Secret Santa!

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