What I Want For Xmas – Jonathan Alexandratos

It’s that time of year where, if we’ve been good girls and boys, we get our reward. In order to promote our upcoming Holiday Special Reading (this Saturday, December 13th) we’ll be posting the Bernicians’ holiday wishes. Here’s what Jonathan Alexandratos had to say:

All Jonathan Alexandratos wants for Christmas is for that show *Sliders* to be real. Do you remember *Sliders*? Where a bunch of people could leap from alternate universe to alternate universe and their leader was Gimli from those *Lord of the Rings* movies? Except sometimes they “slid” into bad universes where they’d almost get squished by dinosaurs. I wouldn’t want that. I’d want all the universes to have different variants of action figures, and, each time I slid into one, I’d get a new action figure that no one in the other universes had ever seen before. So I basically just want action figure universes. Or just getting action figures. Yeah.

If that’s the sort of thing on your holiday wishlist, come on down to our reading this Saturday:


And be sure to bring a wrapped gift for Dollar Store Secret Santa!

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