Stop-Motion Canterbury Tales

Bernice’s own Jason Fischedick is on a pilgrimage–and he needs your help.

Jason is making a film of Chaucer’s literary classic, Canterbury Tales, the very best way possible: as a stop-motion animation using his extensive action figure collection. The finished project hopes to create renewed interest in Chaucer’s masterwork, as well as break the mystic of prestige about the piece as a whole; it’s a bawdy piece of literature, and by not treating it with kid gloves, Jason truly reinvigorates the spirit of what made this classic so popular in the first place.

But the time-intensive method of stop-motion animation is not without cost. New toys, background music, beer and pizza money for his friends who do the voice-over work, all of this is not free. Enter Kickstarter.

stop motion

Here’s the Kickstarter for the project, which has a sample scene for your viewing pleasure:

If you’re a fan of hilarious voice-overs, classic near-mint action figures, and Middle English farces, please donate. (Right now!) Rewards include copies of the DVD and Jason recording your voicemail message as The Baroness from GI Joe.

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