Reviewing *A Better Universe* Using Cards Against Humanity

Bernician Jonathan Alexandratos just premiered his comic book documentary A Better Universe at Denver Comic Con, this past week. Instead of telling you about it, using highly detailed synopses and in-depth analysis (we have protractors, and we’re not afraid to use them!) but, instead, some of the Bernicians got together and decided to describe this new film using our favorite party game, Cards Against Humanity.

(Oh, the humanity!)

First up, Jonathan himself:


(Hmm… Maybe that’s a reason to not see the movie.) And, special guest, Tracy Bealer:

Tracy tracy_cards

Hoyt von Hoyt, Count of Bushwick, tells what he really thinks:

hoyt hoyt_card

Jason Fischedick and Regina Lim:

jason and regina jason regina_cards

And let’s not forget John Rice:

john john_card

If David Bowie can’t convince you to watch this film, I don’t know what will. (I love this game.) And here’s that trailer again:

We’re hoping to see more of this film, sometime soon.

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