A Better Universe

Bernice’s own Jonathan Alexandratos has a plan for a better universe–comic books.

Or, rather, Jonathan is premiering his documentary, A Better Universe, about comic books at, Denver Comic Con this year. The film follows Alexandratos as he catalogs his father’s extensive collection of comics books, and explores how their dual collectorship both brings them together and keeps them apart.


A better description for A Better Universe:

As a child, filmmaker Jonathan Alexandratos could never touch his father’s collection of thousands of comic books that spanned from the 1960s through the 1990s. However, he does recall never feeling closer to his dad than when they were in comic book stores. Now, Jonathan attempts to reveal the mystery of his father’s comic book collection in his new documentary, A Better Universe.

During the process of making this film, Jonathan discovers that his dad’s comics are worth much more than money. The value of his premiere issue of Silver Surfer can be found not in a price guide, but in the escapism that book provided the oldest son of a Greek immigrant family. Putting a price on Alexandratos’ first appearance of Supergirl appears trivial in light of how that book gave the elder Alexandratos a more ideal world than 1960s America. Thus, Spiro traces his history through the lens of comic books, which always provided him solace from tension, heartache, and grief. Culling together a number of viewpoints – from family relatives to Mike Zapcic, star of AMC’s Comic Book Men – Jonathan tries to unlock the true meaning of his dad’s comics. Just when Jonathan thinks he’s got the whole story, his dad decides to take the film, and their relationship, in a bold new direction.

Teaming up with his dad, Jonathan learns that comic books may once again provide the glue for a new father-son dynamic. It is the comics, then, that make a better father, a better son, A Better Universe.


We’re super psyched about this. Check out the trailer on YouTube, and stay tuned for more information:

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