Joel Allegretti!

This Saturday is the next Oh, Bernice! reading, and we’ve got something very special planned. So let’s get right to it and introduce our contes– er, our readers. Our readers. First up: Joel Allegretti!

Joel Allegretti is the author of four collections, the most recent being Europa/Nippon/New York: Poems/Not-Poems (Poets Wear Prada, 2012). His second book, Father Silicon (The Poet’s Press), was selected by The Kansas City Star as one of 100 Noteworthy Books of 2006. His poetry has appeared in many national journals, including Smartish Pace, The New York Quarterly, Fulcrum and PANK, as well as in journals published in Canada, the United Kingdom and India. He wrote the texts for three song cycles by Frank Ezra Levy, whose work is released on Naxos American Classics. Allegretti is a member of the Academy of American Poets and ASCAP.

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