Tejas Desai!

Another reader we have lined up for Saturday’s special reading is fiction writer Tejas Desai. Tejas recently published a novel — you can check it out here. Get ready to hear about long walks on the beach, candle-lit dinners, and picturesque sunsets. Or wait — maybe I’m thinking of something else…

Tejas Desai recently backpacked in Laos, which is from where this pic hails. He is an urban librarian and holds an MFA in Creative Writing and Literary Translation from CUNY-Queens College. His first novel, The Brotherhood, is part of an international trilogy and is available on Amazon. He is Founder and President of The New Wei, a publishing collective and literary movement dedicated to promoting provocative narrative artists.

Tejas likes to hang out in the diverse borough of Queens, singing karaoke and eating soup dumplings, pad see ew, and tempura dinner boxes. He makes occasional trips to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, North Carolina and Southeast Asia. You can read more about him here at his website.

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